Why Youth Prefer Renting Home than Buying Home

Renting Home than Buying Home

No one would be there in the world who does want his own house, but in today’s scenario it is being seen that people are not so eager to buy home as they were used to be in USA. Now folk is preferring rental homes than to buy the homes. When we went into the matter to know the reason why it is so, we found some very important and effective factors which are really influencing in the context of USA. Some factors which we found affecting, will discuss here:

it is not really a big issue, we can wait for the right time to purchase the property; yes, when we asked the about purchasing home then many respondents said that in USA it is not as difficult to find a good property to purchase but it needs huge investment and no one can indulge himself till he does not become well settled financially. So they prefer rental homes till do not find themselves a potential buyer to make such deal. Another issue which raises is that if one buys a home without financial stability he faces problems in adverse conditions, suppose he is expelled from the job, or something happens with him then what will he do. In this condition, chances are very high that he will have to leave the home and his token money will not be returned also.

People also select rental homes because they think that by doing so they can save money which can be used further in buying home. Yes it is the tendency of most of the people that they want to save the money for future investment of owing the property. And people also want to remain tenant till it is not decided that where they want to stay for the rest of life and where they will grow their career.

In today’s competitive era no one want to lead hectic life every one want headache free life. that’s why young generation give weight-age to home rental on buying homes as we all aware of with the responsibilities of an owner, the person who owns a homes, has to take care of home, he has headache to pay different kind of taxes and bills time to time, he has to be ready for the maintenance of home and so on. While a tenant is free from all these duties, so why not a person should prefer rental homes on own homes.


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